Trattoria Antichi Sapori in Sala Monferrato

The Trattoria Antichi Sapori in Sala Monferrato is a typical restaurant where you can appreciate the Monferrato culinary tradition.

Also the environment is very reminiscent of the interior of a cellar (here called Infernot), ideal to be part of the itinerary on the Infernot.

The menu

Among the first, it should be noted that all the pasta is handmade; you can choose between agnolotti with stew, gnocchi, tagliatelle and tagliolini, accompanied by traditional sauces.
While among the main courses you can range from the mythical boiled mixed with green and red stew, or rabbit, hare, roast and braised; and then again the wild boar, the veal shank and above all the tartare or the tagliata of Fassona Piemontese.
The menu varies widely depending on the season.
Instead for desserts the choice is “simple”; the chestnut is the most used product, along with hazelnuts, of the Piedmontese pastry and you can not miss the chance to try the zuccotto and the hazelnut and zabaione cake.
Equally unmissable are also coffee, nougat and hazelnut semifreddo or bunet, another typical product of this fantastic cuisine.

How to visit it

Lunch at this typical Piedmontese Trattoria is included in the itinerary “Il Monferrato and its Infernot“.