Vignale Monferrato

The history of Vignale

The village of Vignale Monferrato it’s firstly cited in a diploma of Barbarossa in 1164, it was a fief of the Aleramici of Monferrato, who built a castle there. It then passed to the Paleologi, who enlarged its fortifications and promoted the construction of the “Servi di Maria” complex in the 15th century. It was finally a fief of the counts Callori, who retained possession until the XVIII century.

Subject of clashes and devastation during the wars of Succession of Monferrato, he was also shocked by a plague epidemic in 1691.

In 1703 it entered with all the Monferrato in the domains of the House of Savoy.

How to visit

The visit to Vignale Monferrato is included into the “Monferrato and its Infernot” experience.