Visconti's Castel of Ozzano

The castle of the Visconti,
the dominant family of Milan

Visconti family has ruled the dukedom of Milan during the first Renaissance period. The extend of their territories had gone from the Adda river in the east side, to the Monferrato in the west. This area is full of their defensive castles and today they are a peculiar feature of this area.

Visconti’s castle of Ozzano

The structure of the manor is the result of renovations carried out in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, on an original nucleus of the twelfth century, in which there were defense walls. Today, the oldest visible part dates back to the XVthcentury, characterized by a brick wall with three bifid merlons at the top, while the hanging gardens on the east side date back to the 19th century. The park goes north on terraces that in medieval times were in defense of the castle. The essences that make up the park are limes, horse chestnuts, firs, ash trees and badgers. Belonging to Mercurino Arborio da Gattinara, Grand Chancellor of Emperor Charles V, since 1860 the castle is owned by the Visconti family.

How to visit

The entrance to visit to Visconti’s castle of Ozzano is included into the “Monferrato and its Infernot” experience.