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  • Journey to discover the Infernot, wine cellars carved from the UNESCO heritage, to taste the best wines in the world ...
    Amount: €215
    Period:2 days
    Vehicle: On foot
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    The village of Ozzano Monferrato

    Ozzano is a nice village surrounded by vineyards

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    Visconti's Castel of Ozzano

    The Viscont's castle of Ozzano overlooks the landscape near the...

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    The village of Cella Monte

    "Cella" or more often "Celle" (a locum cellarum) refers to...

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    Trattoria Antichi Sapori in Sala Monferrato

    The Trattoria Antichi Sapori in Sala Monferrato is a typical...

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    Ecomuseo of "Pietra da Cantoni"

    Ecomuseo its a very special place to discover one of...

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    Cà Nova Winery

    A winery that in addition to producing extraordinary wines, has...

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    The village of Vignale Monferrato

    The village of Vignale Monferrato it's firstly cited in a...

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    Restaurant Il Biancospino in Fubine

    Il Biancospino restaurant, a few km from Fubine, is a...

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    Infernot in Fubine Monferrato

    Thanks to the particular geological characteristics of this terrain commonly...


Monferrato and its Infernot


With this tour we will discover a hive of underground rooms dug in raw earth, masterpieces of rural engineering and for many generations an ideal place to store wine. We will have the privilege of tasting it and discovering all its secrets, brought into a truly unique atmosphere.


Our little trip begins from the quaint village of Ozzano Monferrato, where we will visit the Castle’s Gardens, a true Italian "hanging garden" as few remain in Piedmont. Also in Ozzano we will discover an “infernot”, where we will understand what they are, what they are used for and how they were built ... to find ourselves in a place where time seems to have stopped. After lunch, in the afternoon, we will arrive at Cella Monte, home of the “Museo della Pietra da Cantoni”, to discover the many curiosities related to this stone, with which the entire historic center was built.

While the sunset lights the vineyards of the Monferrato countryside with warm colors, we will go to the winery Ca 'Nova, where, among objects and work tools of other times, we will listen to what the owner will have to tell us, sipping a good glass of Barbera.

On the second day we will set off in the direction of Vignale Monferrato, for a quiet walk in the historic center, founded together with its castle in medieval times, today known for its curious underground infernot dug into the raw earth. We will visit the church and the convent of the Servants of Mary, dating back to the fifteenth century, Palazzo Callori, residence of the ancient lords of this place, the church of San Bartolomeo and the Civic Tower. We will then go down into the “infernot” of the Belvedere, an important testimony of the rural life and traditions of this village of Monferrato. After lunch we will move to Fubine, another village included in the UNESCO district. We will visit the historical center, with the monumental parish church of the Assunta and a part of the Gardens of Palazzo Bricherasio, from which one can enjoy a suggestive panoramic view. Final stop at our last “infernot”, located right under the Piazza del Comune, where simplicity and constructive genius meet.

I Protagonisti

We will have the pleasure of being guided by the Visconti of Milan, owners of the castle of Ozzano since the nineteenth century, to discover the fabulous gardens of the manor.

We will know Mr. Mauro, authoritative figure of the country's public and cultural life, who will accompany us in the “infernot”, ready to answer all our questions.

We will meet Mrs. Enrica, expert on the “Museo della Pietra da Cantoni” and finally Marco, owner of the Ca 'Nova winery.

luoghi esclusivi

We will live a unique experience entering the Castle Gardens of Ozzano Monferrato and in an evocative “infernot”, led by the owners, the only ones able to reveal their history and curiosity. We will have the exclusive of a private visit to the “Museo della Pietra da Cantoni” and the “infernot” below, to discover all the charm of the rural traditions that only these places can tell.

da sapere

Minimum 4 partipants

Itinerary suitable for everyone.

The impervious access to the infernotprevents its use by people with motor disabilities.

The package includes:
– a private visit to the Castle Gardens of Ozzano and to an infernot of the village;
– private visit to the Museo dellaPietra da Cantoni, to its infernot and to the Ca Nova winery with wine tasting;
– private visit to Fubine'sInfernot;
– n. 2 typical lunches at a restaurant / agriturismo;
– n. 1 typical dinner at a restaurant / agriturismo;
– n. 1 overnight stay in a standard double room with breakfast at the farmhouse

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