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  • An itinerary to discover the places of Cesare Pavese, such as the area of Crea, scenery of "La Casa in Collina" ...
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    Period:1 day
    Vehicle: On foot
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    The Sacred Mountain of Crea

    The Holy Mountain of Crea is in UNESCO's Heritage List...

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    The Sanctuary of Madonna di Crea

    The history of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Mount of...

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    Restaurant Hostaria Il Galletto

    At the edge of Casale Monferrato, the Hostaria Il Galletto...

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    Casale Monferrato and its Churches

    Casale has been the capital of Monferrato, City of the...

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    Moncalvo, gourmet capital of Monferrato

    Moncalvo is one of the gourmet capital of Piedmont and...


Monferrato’s literature and myth through Cesare Pavese masterpieces


With this itinerary we will discover the most poetic side of Monferrato. The journey will immerse us in that suggestive and silent Nature where Pavese put on paper his enigmatic "Dialogues with Leucò" and moved some of his most successful characters, including the famous Poli of "The devil on the hills".


The journey begins with a visit to the Sanctuary and to the Sacro Monte di Crea, a perfect encounter between Nature and Architecture. Here Pavese, in the silence and in the particular suggestion of these places, matured the vision of a mythical and immortal Nature and gave voice to his most spiritual and introspective side, through the characters of "Dialoghi con Leucò", published in 1947. But these hills are also the background to the dramas of war and choice, as well as the controversial theme of the Partisan Resistance, as Corrado tells us, the protagonist of "La Casa in Collina", published in 1948.

Then we will go to Casale Monferrato, for a walk in the historic center and a stop at the “Collegio Trevisio”, where the writer taught under a false name during the war years, attending the two libraries and the Director, Father Baravalle.

Last stop in Moncalvo, the first capital of Monferrato, between the medieval palaces and the seventeenth-century paintings by Guglielmo Caccia. The bastions of the Gonzaga and the Market square are the background to the adventures of Oreste and Poli, protagonists of the story "The devil on the hills", Cesare Pavese’s masterpiece of 1949.

And to conclude with a flourish, a final stop at an important winery to sip a good glass of wine and immortalize one last time the landscapes so legendary yet so real, lived and told by Cesare Pavese.

I Protagonisti

Our special storyteller will be for this journey Cesare Pavese, who will talk to us through his own works, suspended between reality and myth. An expert connoisseur of the Pavese works and of the territory, will accompany us step by step in this literary experience, giving voice to the Pavese quotations, and satisfying our every curiosity.

luoghi esclusivi

We will visit the Sanctuary and the Park of Serralunga di Crea in a private way, with a final stop at Villa Mario, where the writer lived as an evacuee, maturing his "Dialoghi con Leucò" and "La Casa in collina".

In Casale Monferrato we will discover the “Collegio dei Padri Somaschi Trevisio”, which Pavese attended during that dramatic period, between readings of Theology and Enlightenment.

Finally we will visit the historic center of Moncalvo and its enchanting landscapes, to relive the adventures of Poli and his friends from "Il Diavolo sulleColline".

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Minimum 4 participants

Itinerary suitable for everyone

The package holiday includes:

-entrance and private visit to the Sanctuary and to the Sacro Monte di Crea;

-private visit to Casale Monferrato and the village of Moncalvo with a focus on the places linked to Cesare Pavese and readings taken from his texts;

-private visit to the winery with wine tasting;

-1 typical lunch at a restaurant / farmhouse in the Casale / Moncalvo area;


You can add another of the daily itineraries for a 2-day experience.

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