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  • Accompanied by Count Sannazzaro Natta we will visit his palace in Casale and the Castle of Giarole and then we will discover the production of the krumiri and the secrets of the truffle of Moncalvo. ...
    Amount: €270
    Period:2 days
    Vehicle: On foot
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    Casale Monferrato and its Churches

    Casale has been the capital of Monferrato, City of the...

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    The Castle of Casale Monferrato

    Giovanni II Paleologo, heir of the last dynasty of Bizantine...

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    Restaurant Hostaria Il Galletto

    At the edge of Casale Monferrato, the Hostaria Il Galletto...

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    Sannazzaro Natta Palace

    Meet a member of the Family Sannazzaro Natta

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    Giarole Castle

    The castle of Giarolewas built following a diploma given by...

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    Restaurant Le Terre Rosse in Conzano

    Le Terre Rosse restaurant offers a typical menu of the...

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    Overnight Stay in the Giarole Castle

    Overnight stay in a castle, in Giarole it is possible!...

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    The village of Ottiglio

    The village of Ottiglio presents itself with delightful clustered houses...

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    Restaurant PiattoPiano in Ottiglio

    A delicious restaurant to try the traditional cuisine of Monferrato...

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    Moncalvo, gourmet capital of Monferrato

    Moncalvo is one of the gourmet capital of Piedmont and...

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    The village of Grazzano Badoglio

    Grazzano Badoglio is famous for its ancient abbey, founded in...


Palaces, castles and legends in Monferrato


This itinerary will make us discover the ancient city of Casale, guided by the most illustrious figures who know the most intimate secrets. A baroque jewel of great charm where you can breathe the sweet scent of Krumiri.

We will spend the night in the Castle Sannazzaro Natta and after waking up in this royal residence, we will visit the charming village of Ottiglio.


Our tour will begin with a walk through the streets of the historic center of Casale Monferrato, leading us to discover the imposing fortress of the Marquises of Monferrato, symbol of military power that the city, the capital of Monferrato from '400, had in past times. We will see the Civic Tower, Piazza Mazzini, the church of S. Stefano and the famous Romanesque Cathedral dedicated to Sant'Evasio, patron saint of the city. We will then visit Palazzo Sannazzaro Natta, dating back to the early 1700s and decorated in its interior with elegant frescoes.

After the lunch break we will go to taste the delicious krumiri and finally we will go to the Castle of Giarole, where, after visiting it, we will stop for the night.

The second day we will move to Ottiglio for a walk in the historic village and a visit to the artisan workshop of Mr. Piero Roggero, to learn the secrets of ceramic processing. After lunch, last move towards the village of Moncalvo, yesterday strategic center of the Marquisate and today famous "Capital" of the White Truffle of Monferrato. The ramparts of the castle still contain alleys and medieval palaces, while in the churches we will see the paintings of Guglielmo Caccia, famous painter of the seventeenth-century in Piemonte. Last stop of the route at Grazzano Badoglio, where in the church of San Vittore, of Romanesque origin and now parish, is buried according to the tradition Aleramo, first Marquis of Monferrato.

I Protagonisti

We will meet, Dr. Federico Caireof Lauzet, owner of the Sannazzaro Natta palace in Casale Monferrato.

The Portinaro family is waiting for us to reveal all the secrets of the famous “moustache" biscuits from Casale.

Count Giuseppe Sannazzzaro Natta will host us in his castle in Giarole.

Finally we will meet Mr. Piero Roggero, a craftsman who works with ceramics.

luoghi esclusivi

Guided by the owner, we will visit the Palazzo SannazzaroNatta of Casale, and we’ll discover one of the most significant examples of Piemontese Baroque.

We will enter exclusively in the highly perfumed Krumiri laboratory.

CountSannazzaro Natta will open the doors of his castle, tell us the story of this fascinating building and we will feel like real nobles staying in this exclusive residence.

We will enter an artisan workshop of ceramics, where we will try to create something with this material.

We will visit the historic village of Moncalvo, the first capital of Monferrato, and the church of San Vittore, located in Grazzano Badoglio, burial place of the great knight Aleramo, the first Marquis of Monferrato.


da sapere

Minimum 4 participants

Itinerary suitable for everyone.

Entrance to the Krumiri Rossi laboratory is only available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The tourist package includes:

Private visit to the Sannazzaro Natta palace and the Krumiri Rossi laboratory in Casale Monferrato;
private visit to the castle of Giarole;
private visit and activity at the Ottiglio ceramic workshop;
private visit to the church of San Vittore in Grazzano Badoglio;
n. 2 typical lunch restaurant/ agriturismo;
n. 1 typical dinner restaurant/ agriturismo;
n. 1 overnight stay in a double room with breakfast at Castello di Giarole.

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