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  • A special itinerary from the city to the hill following the traces of the most important medieval religious-Cavalleria Order, born in the Holy Land to defend sacred places and pilgrims, which saw an exceptional development throughout Europe. ...
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    The Cathedral of Sant'Evasio

    The cathedral of Sant'Evasio is one of the best attraction...

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    The Templar Church of Santa Isana

    Templar church in Livorno Ferraris

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    Traditional Osteria La Colombara

    La Colombara, a typical Piedmontese trattoria, is located in the...

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    Abbey of Santa Fede of Cavagnolo

    The Abbey of Santa Fede of Cavagnolo was once part...

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    Rice Farm Il Principato di Lucedio

    Visit of a mystical rice farm of the Monferrato


The path of the Templars: between symbolism and legend


With this itinerary we will follow the footsteps of the Templars through the Monferrato and we will try to decipher together the ancient architectures, through legend and suggestion. A path that will test our intuition and our knowledge. A different experience that maybe will give us more doubts than certainties, but for this reason, it will tease our curiosity.


Our journey will start from Casale Monferrato, with the Cathedral of Sant 'Evasio, an ancient jewel of Piedmontese Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Consecrated in 1108, it immediately struck by the strong asymmetry of the façade, evident in the profile, in the two bell towers and in the windows. But to strike more, once crossed the entrance, is the impressive narthex, one of the most significant in Italy, with some symbolic references to the Order of the Temple.

We will then move to Livorno Ferraris to visit, led by the owners, the small church of Santa Maria di Isana, built in Romanesque style in the first half of the twelfth century by the Order of the Templars who had set up, just in this place, one of his " mansio ", which means, a farm.

After a lunch break in a traditional piedmontese osteria, we will go and visit the valuable Abbey of Santa Fede in Cavagnolo, built in a small valley between woods and vineyards in the first half of the twelfth century by the Benedictine monks of the French abbey of Sainte-Foy-de-Conques. We will be amazed by the charm and the mystery that has always surrounded this place, with its mysterious sculptured figures and its interesting references to Templar symbolism.

Our journey will continue with the famous Abbey of Lucedio, a place of great beauty. Founded along the Via Francigena in 1123 by the Cistercian monks, it still preserves the Sala dei Conversi, the Sala Capitolare, the Cloister, the Refettorio and the Galleria, spaces that we will discover under the special guidance of a local expert . Finally we will visit the annexed Agricultural Company, to know all the stages of the cultivation and production of rice, an activity started by the founding monks many centuries ago.

I Protagonisti

We will meet the Camoriano, owners of the IsanaEstate, where the church of Santa Maria stands. They will guide us during our visit and unveil many curiosities about the places of the Templars located in the area, reinterpreting the ancient chronicles in the light of the most recent discoveries. But the Templars too will tell us their story through the millennial buildings they left us and that we can still admire today.

luoghi esclusivi

We will look at the Cathedral of Casale Monferrato in a different way. The church is dedicated to Sant'Evasio, patron of the city, and dates back to the beginning of the twelfth century;

We will discover the church of Santa Maria di Isana, near Livorno Ferraris, with the architectural style "mixtum", unique in its kind in the Piemonte area;

We will enter the Abbey of Santa Fede located in Cavagnolo, founded by the Benedictines in the twelfth century, impresses for its imposing lines and its rich sculptural decoration.

We will move to the Abbey of Lucedio, founded along the Via Francigena in 1123 by the Cistercian monks who began here the cultivation of rice. In fact, we will end the day with a visit to the adjoining farm that produces and sells various rice-based specialties.

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Minimum 4 participants

The itinerary is suitable for everyone

The tourist package includes:

Private visit to the Cathedral of Casale, to the church of Santa Maria di Isana, to the Abbey of Cavagnolo, to the Abbey of Lucedio and to the rice farm;

n 1 typical lunches at a restaurant / agriturismo;

You can add another of the daily itineraries for a 2-day experience.

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