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  • This itinerary will allow you to appreciate the two faces of the mountain between food...
    Amount: €275
    Period:3 days
    Vehicle: On foot
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    Garnì Pegrà Hotel

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    Malga Bezzi at Case di Viso

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    Rifugio Bozzi on Conca del Montozzo


Living Valle Camonica: from the alpine pasture to the alpine refuge


This itinerary will allow you to appreciate the two faces of the mountain between food and wine tourism and the pleasure of a walk to a refuge nestled in the mountains. The mountain today is precisely this, a suspended place where past and present touch, and where the progress of work and the passage of time seem to be slowed down in an extraordinary union with nature that surrounds human activities.

The itinerary

On the first evening we will pamper ourselves with a typical dinner at Ponte di Legno. The second day, we will go in search of a slow re-discovery of the mountain, along a path suitable for everyone that opens onto extraordinary landscapes. We will devote the morning to a visit to a hut where we will follow the supply chain of cheese and then, a couple of hours of walking to reach the shelter Bozzi where, we will have dinner and overnight. On the third day we will return to the valley through the picturesque Ercavallo lakes.

I Protagonisti

The "mastro casaro" of Malga Bezzi will explain us how the fresh and aged cheeses of “malga” were born, how they live and how they work in the mountains. An expedition of the CAI will lead us along the mule track that goes up to the refuge and Ercavallo lakes.

luoghi esclusivi

The Mastro Casaro of Malga Bezzi will open the door of his “Malga”

da sapere

Suitable for anyone with a minimum of training, ideal period from mid-June to mid-September




First day

Arrival at Ponte di Legno

Dinner at typical restaurant and Overnight at Garnì Pegrà

Second day

Arrival at the Bezzi hut in “Case di Viso”

Participation in the preparation of cheese under the guidance of the master cheese maker

Lunch with the products of the “malga”

Ascent to the Bozzi refuge (about 2 hours on military trail)

Dinner and overnight at the Bozzi refuge, located in the magnificent Conca del Montozzo, where there is a rich alpine flora and the remains of a military village of the great war.

Third day

Return from the refuge through the picturesque Ercavallo lakes (about 3 hours itinerary subject to assessment of the conditions of the trail)

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