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  • An immersive tour of the Valcamonica area meditating in a wonderful enviroment ...
    Amount: €129
    Period:2 days
    Vehicle: On foot
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    The sacred wood of Camuni

    The starting of a walk in the wood to find...

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    Qi Gong in Prehistory

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    The Sweat Lodge

    A mystical experience in an ancient refuge of spirituality

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    Concarena and Badile Mountains

    A look at the natural mysticism of Valcamonica


Meditation and qi gong in the sacred places of the ancient Camuni


In the frame of the reserve of the rock engravings of Ceto, Cimbergoand Paspardowe will go to the discovery of the ancient rock carvings and the work of the archaeologists who are studying them in the field and in the laboratory. We will have a taste of prehistoric life at the reconstruction of a village. On the second day we will visit a megalithic site that has remained in use for three millennia, from the Copper Age to Christianity and one of the oldest churches in the Valley. We will end the day in the Museum of Prehistory.

The Itinerary

Ancient cultures are strongly linked to the idea of a natural order, of which the seasons are but an expression. In the sacred places of the ancient Camuni, through guided meditation and qi gong practices, we will seek the harmony of our spontaneous, instinctive, animal being, with the relationships established between heaven and earth and the seasons' dao. In the evening we will participate in the ritual of the sweat lodge, an ancient form of sauna to purify body and spirit. We will dine with seasonal products of the territory and spend the night in the wood of Figna, in ancient completely renovated farmhouses hidden by ancient chestnut trees. During the period of the equinoxes we will observe the fascinating "spirit of the mountain", a phenomenon of refraction around the peaks of the massif of the Concarena. Two days in contact with nature in search of peace of mind and harmony with the universe.

I Protagonisti

We will meet Valeria, shiatsuka and practitioner of tuina and qi gong, and Bigio that for more than 10 years has been organizing twinnings between Valcamonica and the Indian nations.

luoghi esclusivi

We will attend the preparation of the sweat lodge in the Figna fore.

da sapere

Suitable for everyone, trekking shoes are recommended. Ideal period mid-March to mid-October

Included in the price

First day

Descent on foot from Campanineto Figna, visit to the rocks carved along the route

Qi gong of the six healing sounds in the Fignaforest

Sweat lodge *

Dinner at zero kilometer with seasonal products of the territory in the farms

Overnight in the farms (max 14 beds)

Second day

Qi gong of the tree in the forest of Figna

Descent on foot from Fignato Foppedi Nadro

Qi gong of the eight pieces of brocade at the rock 24

On the occasion of the equinoxes, observation of the "Spirit of the Mountain"

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