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  • The itinerary to keep in contact with the real essence of Valle Camonica through meditation ...
    Amount: €129
    Period:1 day
    Vehicle: On foot
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    The sacred wood of Camuni

    Welcome and lunch

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    Qi Gong in sacred places

    Meditation with expert - experience

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    Concarena and Badile Mountains

    Only during the right period - "Mountain Spirit" experience


Meditation through the woods of Camuni



Ancient cultures are strongly linked to the idea of a natural order, of which the seasons are but an expression.

In the sacred woods of the ancient Camuni, through guided meditation and qi gong practices, you will seek the harmony of our spontaneous, instinctive, animal being, with the relationships established between heaven and earth and the seasons' dao.

During the period of the equinoxes you will observe the fascinating "Spirit of the mountain", a phenomenon of refraction around the peaks of the massif of the Concarena.

I Protagonisti

You will meet Valeria, shiatsuka and practitioner of tuina and qi gong.

luoghi esclusivi

Sacred Wood of Camuni _ walking through the forest you will be transported in other reality, the one of ancient and nature

Concarena and Pizzo Badile Mountains _ during the period of the equinoxes you will observe the fascinating "Spirit of the mountain", a phenomenon of lights

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The package includes

  • Qi gong of the six healing sounds in the forest
  • Dinner at zero kilometer with seasonal products of the territory in the farms

For more information call +39 02 89 092 665


* Puoi prenotare l'itinerario da due giorni dalla data odierna. Se hai esigenza di prenotarlo per quelle date telefona al numero +39 0289092665.

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Ideal period is from mid-March to mid-October

How to arrive

CAR: from Milan E64+SS42, from Venice E70+SS42

TRAIN: from Milan, Milano Centrale - Brescia (Highspeen Train) + Brescia – Breno (Local train)


Parking of the Reserve _ Via Italia, 59, Capo di Ponte

Price for each person in a group of min. 4 people

In case of delay, are there any consequences?

We ask you to arrive 10/15 minutes before the time planned. If anybody arrives 5/10 minutes late the guide can wait, no further.

what are the consequences in case of no-show?

We can't accept cancellations within 48 hours from the start: refund is no more possible.