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  • Discover the craftsmen of the mountain village of Bienno in Valcamonica ...
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    Period:2 days
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    Lümaghera Farm in Darfo Boario Terme

    Agricultural company located in Darfo Boario Terme that offers educational...

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    Rugantino Restaurant

    This restaurant proposes tasty and abundant Italian mountain cuisine

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    The Mill Museum of Bienno

    A particular museum to admire the rural traditions of Val...

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    Craftmanship in Valle Camonica

    A forge still working today that tells the ancient history...

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    The Workshop of Mattia Trotta

    The workshop of a iron sculptor in an ancient forge.


The Mallet and the Iron, mountain craftsmen


Living in the mountains means learning how to make the best use of resources, transforming the harshness of the territory with wisdom and creativity: the waters of the torrents, potentially destructive, have been harnessed and used by blacksmiths and mills; the steep slopes covered for most of the year by snow have become a precious source of livelihood for the cheesemakers masters, the unused ruins have been transformed into art studios.

The Itinerary

Our journey to discover the relationship between man and mountain begins at the Agriturismo and Azienda Agricola Lümaghera, in Darfo Boario Terme. Here we will make a complete visit of the company, of the lands and of the animals. Depending on the season, it is planned either the milking of the cows or the harvesting of berries with the classic wicker basket.

Returned from the experience we will dine in the farm with a dinner based on the typical products of this land. After this lavish banquet, we will stay overnight in the farm itself.

On the second day we will move to Bienno, a delightful mountain village, where not only the historical settlement has been preserved, but also the traditions and knowledge of the many generations who lived here. We will have lunch at the restaurant Rugantino, a local excellence that offers the most typical dishes of the valley. From the historical center of Bienno we will explore the ancient crafts of these mountain people: the first visit will be to the Ancient Mill, which as you can guess from the name has been operating for several centuries, powered by the current of the King Vessel, an artificial channel of the river Oglio dated back to 1000 AD, which since then feeds human activities in Val Grigna. Remaining on the water route, the ancient engine of the industries before the advent of the steam engine, we will visit a Maister (or mastro) ferraio, whose hammer is a huge wooden beam of 6 meters activated by the propulsion of water.

In the last stage of this journey, we will go to the discovery of the most contemporary techniques that bring men closer to this rough nature: we will enter Mattia Trotta's atelier, an artist who has chosen to live in these mountains working the wire to create sculptures.

The itinerary guides us between the trades of today and yesterday. Creative people, who work, the Camuni!

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